Diverse and Diligent, Let us Introduce Ourselves


Meet Jamie:
Jamie got us started in this business with her uncanny style, wit, and tenacity. Her industry knowledge and know-how equip us with an edge most companies don’t have. She makes sure payments happen on time too.
Meet See:
See is our Business Manager and the backbone of our operation. He keeps our financials in order and our bills paid. And See saves us from lots of headaches, too.
Meet Lindsay:
Lindsay is our DFW administrative assistant. Like Billy, she also relocated from Oklahoma to DFW and brought with her lots of spunk. Lindsay is patient and always happy to help. She’s quick on her feet and great at finding a solution to any problem.
Meet Thomas:
Thomas is our CA Central Valley Regional Manager. He is a Texas raised gentleman with a can-do attitude. Whatever it takes, Thomas will get the job done. He values customer satisfaction and goes the extra mile to make sure our tenants and owners are happy.
Meet Alicia:
Alicia coordinates all facility improvements and on-going maintenance and does it with energy and charisma. She’s a savvy negotiator and demands jobs well done.
Meet Karla:
Karla is our CA Bay Area Regional Manager. She has been with our team since the start, and has worked her way through the rankings. Karla has a knack for finding a solution to unique problems, and doing so with a smile on her face. She brings great energy to our team-her positive attitude is contagious!
Meet Erin:
Erin is our marketing Ace and our Central California property expert. She puts brilliance and sparkle behind all that she does.
Meet Cristen:
Cristen manages this team of sisters and beyond with great style and ambition. She’s driven to succeed, which makes her comfortable in guaranteeing your success in this business, too.
Meet TR:
He keeps us on our toes and challenges us daily to maximize client satisfaction and profits (your and ours) simultaneously.